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Top Configuration Management Resources

Top Configuration Management Resources - Top Configuration Management Resources

Configuration management can be hard to tackle at first but with these resources, you will be better set for success in understanding and applying it to optimize your performance.

Cloud Academy

This YouTube channel has a few interesting video-courses on configuration management basics that you can use to learn yourself and also point your staff to it.


A website that has a useful article on configuration management specifically for software that you will be able to learn a lot from, as it is all explained in detail.

Requirements and Configuration Management

In this group of podcasts, you will hear discussions about various topics needed for a successful configuration management’s requirement. Additionally, they provide helpful resources like a study group overseen by a tutor and many courses for project management.

Configuration Management: Theory, Practice, and Application

You can find this book on Amazon for having a good over-all understanding of how configuration management works and how you can use it in your business. The book includes advice, overviews, and thorough explanations of everything related to the topic.

The Configuration Management Process Improvement Centre

This is a centre that provides you and your staff with training and certification in all areas of configuration management. They adhere to international standards within the industry and have both physical and online options, such as the numerous configuration management articles available on their website.

The Ansible Blog

Ansible is a configuration management tool that has its own blog for you to learn how to use it with webinars and training, various resources for the tool, and many more useful items.

Configuration Management for Senior Managers

Another good book, but this one is targeted at senior managers that need to handle product manufacturing and oversee environments within engineering. It was written by an expert consultant and it is thought to be understood by people that do not have the extensive vocabulary included in most configuration management guides.