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The Definitive Guide for Configuration Management Planning and Implementation



Configuration management is a complex undertaking, embracing a number of disciplines. The process requires a range of skills and knowledge sets, and should be planned as every other major project. It should cover not only the core task, but requisite support activities, such as justification and awareness.


Fortunately, a toolset has emerged to help address these issues. The Configuration Management Toolkit is designed to help guide you through the process, and to save hours of research and effort.  Utilizing the ITIL approach, it covers everything from planning to implementation.  



   The Configuration Management Toolkit

The toolkit comprises the following essential components, amongst others:


Implementation Plan for Configuration Management

This documents provides a framework and guide for planning and project managing your Configuration Management process and implementation.

Implementation Plan Sample Pages


Business and IT Service Mapping for Configuration

The purpose of this document is to provide IT departments with an understanding of how the IT Services provided map to the Organization's business processes, so as to capture all the relevant configuration items that are involved in the delivery of the IT Services.

Sample Page  and More Information


Business Justification Process

This document serves as a reference for how to approach the task of seeking funds for the implementation of the Configuration Management process. 

Business Justification  Example Pages


Communication Plan

This document serves as a guide for the communications required for the Configuration Management process. This document provides a basis for completion within your own organization.

Communication Plan Sample Pages


CMDB Design Document for Configuration Management

 This document provides you with a design template and CMDB configuration item to help capture all the necessary Configuration Items in your IT Infrastructure.

Sample Pages and Further Information


Policies, Objectives and Scope

This document provides a structure and written templates for policies, objectives and scope for configuration management.

Samples Pages and More Information


A Complete Introductory Presentation

To obtain full 'buy-in' across the organization it may be necessary to present extensively. This is a full and comprehensive presentation on the concept and benefits of configuration management, and includes extensive speaker notes. An excellent educational item.

Presentation Sample Foils


Roles and Responsibilities of the CM Team

A brief outline and definition of roles and responsibilities of the Configuration Process Manager.

Roles and Responsibilities Sample Pages


Key Documents and Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)

This document provides a list of key reports and Key Performance Indicators for the Configuration Management Process.

KPI Sample Page and More Information


Objectives and Goals

This document provides a series of objectives and goals for the Configuration Management process

Objectives Sample Page


Identification Guidelines for Configuration Management

This template contains suggestions regarding the CIís that can be captured and it the document will fuel thoughts about other CIís that are specific to your organization or particular need.

CI's: Sample Pages and Further Information


Audit and Review

A short Excel based audit tool, to check and review your configuration management maturity level.

Audit  Sample Pages and Information


The Configuration Management Toolkit is provided largely in MS-Word format, and is designed to prove invaluable in understanding, and addressing, all the key issues. It provides an excellent framework for implementation of the configuration management process.  



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