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Our Blog - Our BlogConfiguration Kit is a blog in which you can find all sorts of posts with tips and guides to configuration management activities. The blog is also split in two categories, making it easier for you to find the pointed information you are interested in reading.

I am Shamika F. Elias, and I am a construction mechanic with a passion for efficient processes and intent on keeping track of all my projects’ items. I was born in Birmingham and didn’t have much growing up, but my parents were adamant on me getting a degree. Although I just wanted to work and help them out, I fulfilled their wishes and graduated.

Since it was a long path to become a construction mechanic, I had the time to fall in love with it and understand its uses in daily life all around us. I ended up liking it so much that I started educating myself further in ways to improve and this is how I learnt about configuration management’s great contribution to keeping track of everything.

This is when I decided to put up a blog about configuration management and everything it entails, as I found that it was very hard to find websites that had related friendly content. I knew I would need to put together a team because IT isn’t really my strong point, but I had many good friends who were completely tech savvy.

Our team was put together and it was no longer my project, but our baby that we all cared for and nurtured with the same passion. Since day one, we have focused on writing posts that present the information in friendly ways in order to help all our readers to have a better understanding about these topics.

We also have a few other friends outside our team that help us when we come across new developments and need to get a good grasp of the ideas to be able to write about them. It is our main goal to keep our posts updated and accurate, as we feel that this is a topic that helps everybody nowadays.

Thanks to our hard work and to my parents’ insistence on my degree, Configuration Kit blossomed into a successful and useful blog thousands of people read every day. We continue to expand our knowledge and the information we share here.