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5 Steps to Having the Right Configuration Management Tools

Deployment, hosting, configuration, and provisioning are all part of successful configuration management. All in a constantly changing environment. Configuration Kit gives you a step-by-step guide to get you started.

Preparation is Essential

Code-based SCM has traditionally been one of over-promising yet under-delivering.  Define desired improvements, intended outcomes, and start mapping for the best use of these tools.

5 Steps to Having the Right Configuration Management Tools Preparation is Essential - 5 Steps to Having the Right Configuration Management Tools


Look at modern SCM and understand it in detail to gain a clear vision of which approach will work best and when. Always include Configuration as Code (CAC) and Infrastructure as Code (IAC). Most importantly, when to use eachto create your desired outcome.

For example, the CAC approach is used for managing and deploying existing system configurations. IAC is most often the approach when focused on the more modern technologies such as cloud computing and virtualization.

Operating System Decisions

Understanding which operating system or systems being used is critical to success. Whichever OS you choose will have to be able to integrate with whichever SCM code you are using.

Know Your Staff’s Skills

Be aware of what your staff is familiar with and whether you need to invest in training or find a different approach due to cost or deadline commitments. This is just one of the examples of how choosing the wrong OS can slow down or even derail a project.

Choose the Right Tools

Numerous tools are available to implement these decisions once you decide on your path. Regardless of the path chosen you should ensure your tools are safe and secure while providing as much agility and simplicity as possible.

Configuration Kit offers these steps, with the intent of increasing productivity while reducing time and cost delays. Additionally, they make you further capable to handle the seemingly never-ending changes that occur in every project.