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Top 4 IT Tools Every New Business Needs

If your business is just starting out, there are a few general tools that will help with configuration management and other necessary processes. Take a look at the top tools that Configuration Kit recommends every new business to use.

Project Management Software

New businesses will require an efficient way to keep an eye on each stage of their projects’ development and also what milestones are being reached. Since this is a challenging task, you can use project management platforms like Wrike that give you a real-time idea of your business’ progress when it comes to projects and goals.

Website Designer

Having your own website will catapult your new business’ reach and reputation quickly, but you will need it to be well designed to meet the goals. Hire a professional to ensure a good web design.

Web Site Performance Monitors

Once you have your web site designed, you have to monitor how well it is doing and what issues need addressing. Tools like Google Analytics and Chartbeat, give you a good idea of how your site’s visitors are behaving.

Customer Relationship Managers

If you want to make your new business successful, you need to have good relationships with your customers. You can use tools like HubSpot to keep track of how your relationship with each customer is going, how long you have kept them working with you, and other useful signs.

Use all of these tools appropriately and you will find it easier to establish your new business in the competitive markets of today’s Internet-ruled world.

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